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CHM11500 Fa09 Lectures 24 and 25: Polymers READING: Section 10.5, pp. 478-487 Concepts to Understand Describe how carbon’s atomic properties give rise to its ability to form four strong covalent bonds, multiple bonds, and chains, which results in the great structural diversity of organic compounds. Describe how addition and condensation polymers form (know what the elimination products are). Identify three types of biopolymers and their monomers. Describe how the “molecular architecture” of a polymer affects its physical properties.
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Unformatted text preview: Describe how functional groups affect the physical and chemical properties of a polymer. How structures of polymers compare to structures of small organic molecules Skills to Master Determining the reactants and products of the reactions of alcohols, alkyl halides and amines. Drawing an abbreviated synthetic polymer structure based in monomer structures. Drawing small peptides from amino acid structures. Identify the monomer(s) given a polymer structure. Identify the alkene monomer given a polymer structure...
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