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Learning Objectives and Reading for Lectures 16-18 CHM 11500 Fa09 Lecture 16 and 17 READING: Sections 8.7 (part), pp. 375 - 377; Section 8.8 pp. 380 – 386; Section 12.1 – 12.3 pp. 555 - 570; Section 4.5, pp. 174 - 179; Section 14.1-14.2, pp. 618 – 629 Concepts to Understand The periodic trends in electronegativity and the inverse relation of EN values to atomic sizes. How bond polarity arises from differences in electronegativity of bonded atoms; the direction of bond polarity. The relationship of changes in dipole moments and IR absorption. The change in partial ionic character with EN and the change in bonding from ionic to polar covalent to non-polar covalent across a period. Describe the types and relative strengths of intermolecular forces acting in a substance (dipole-dipole, H-bonding, dispersion), Describe the impact of H bonding on physical properties, Describe the meaning of polarizability. Describe major types of intermolecular forces in solution and their relative
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RA%20LO%20lectures%2016-18%20Fa09 - Learning Objectives and...

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