BIO 302 - bleeds(4 3 In the disease mononucleosis the...

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Biology 302 Home Work # 1 Spring 2011 Due 22nd February, 11 ----------------------------- ------------------------------------ Name Lab Section All answers must be 4 lines or less . Long answers will be penalized by point deductions. The answers must be written in a clear, concise manner using scientific language. 1. After Randy was diagnosed with stomach cancer, nearly all of his stomach had to be removed. Postoperative treatment included regular injections of Vitamin B12. Why was the vitamin prescribed, and why were injections specified? (4) 2. Almost half of our vitamin K is synthesized by bacteria that inhabit the large intestine. Based on this information, why would taking a broad spectrum antibiotic produce nose
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Unformatted text preview: bleeds? (4) 3. In the disease mononucleosis the spleen enlarges because of increased numbers of cells –both phagocytic and others. Common symptoms of this disease include pale complexion, a tired feeling, and a lack of energy sometimes to the point of not being able to get out of bed. What might cause these symptoms? (4) 4. People with allergies commonly take antihistamines with decongestants to relieve their symptoms. The container warns that individuals who are being treated for high blood pressure should not take the medication. Why not? (3) . Bonus question : (5) When is the drug Plavix prescribed? Explain its mode of action....
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BIO 302 - bleeds(4 3 In the disease mononucleosis the...

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