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Name ___________________________ Lab Section ____ BIOL 301 EXAM 4 Blue 15 December 2009       Directions: Choose the one best answer for each question. If a question seems ambiguous or seems to have more than one correct answer or no correct answer, you may explain your reason for choosing the answer you did (and eliminating the other answers) with a brief comment written in the table below. You will get credit for the question if your reasoning is correct. To submit comments for consideration, fill in your name and lab section on this page and hand it in together with your scantron. Question Number Answer Chosen R e a s o n i n g
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In this group of questions, select the answer choice that best completes the statement or best answers the question. 1. Which of the following parts of the internal ear transmits information about static equilibrium? A. the semicircular canals B. the vestibule C. auditory ossicles D. the cochlea E. spiral organ of Corti 2. Below on the figure of the eye, the structure indicated by the letter B ____. A. is the region of the retina that provides the greatest visual acuity B. contains only cones C. is the fovea D. is the geographic center of the retina E. All of the above. 3. _____ indicate frustration in adults and are normal in children. A. Alpha waves B. An absence of brain waves C. Theta waves D. Beta waves E. Delta waves 4. EEGs are used for all of the following EXCEPT: A. diagnosing epilepsy B. encephalitis C. diagnosing brain tumors D. detecting subdural hematomas E. determining academic potential ++ MATCHING ++ Select the one answer that best matches each numbered phrase. Answers may be used once, more than once, or not at all. A. ACTH (adrenocorticotrophic hormone) B. ADH (antidiuretic hormone) C. cortisol D. FSH and LH E. aldosterone _____ 5. Released by the posterior pituitary _____ 6. Its target tissue is the zona fasciculata. _____ 7. Synthesized by the hypothalamus 8. Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding the releasing hormones of the hypothalamus? 1. They can be stored in the posterior pituitary. 2. They are released into a portal system to prevent dilution in the blood plasma. 3. They cause hypertrophy of their target tissues. 4. Their only target tissue is the anterior pituitary. 5. Their target tissues are in both the anterior and posterior pituitary. 6.
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Exam%204%20BlueF09 - Name Lab Section BIOL 301 EXAM 4 Blue...

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