Chapter6ReducingPower1 - Lecture 12 - Metabolism Generation...

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Lecture 12 - Metabolism Generation and use of Reducing Power (including Photosynthesis)
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Learning Objectives Explain how an electron transport chain is used to release redox energy. Differentiate between electron carriers that carry electrons only and those that carry both H + and electrons. Name a few carriers in each class. Sketch the mitochondrial electron transport chain in a membrane, showing how the PMF is generated and how NADH is used as an electron donor. Explain how alternating between electron carrier types (see above) can be used to pump H + across the membrane against a gradient. Explain how the PMF is used to generate ATP via chemiosmosis and the ATP synthase. List four differences between bacterial and mitochondrial electron transport chains. List three alternate terminal electron acceptors (other than O 2 ) that can be used by bacteria. Explain the basis for the oxidase test in diagnostic microbiology. Given a table such as that in slide 13, be able to predict whether a particular electron donor and acceptor pair could be used by bacteria to provide energy. Sketch the “Z-scheme” of oxygenic photosynthesis. Explain where the ATP and NADPH are formed, and show how water serves as the electron donor.
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Chapter6ReducingPower1 - Lecture 12 - Metabolism Generation...

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