S2011HW1KEY - Bio 221 Spring 2011 Homework#1 KEY This...

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Bio 221 Spring 2011 Homework #1 KEY This homework consists of 5 questions. Try to answer them without reference to your notes as a check on your studying. Then check your notes to see how you did. Please type the answers on a separate sheet of paper, double spaced. There is no need to turn in the questions along with your answers. If you use more than one sheet, please staple them together. (There is not a stapler available in the lecture room.) Please remember to put your NAME at the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of your homework. You can pick up the graded homework in about one week from my office (G-232) if you wish to have it back. The key will be posted online immediately after lecture. The homework is worth 5 points , plus it will help you study for the exam. This homework is DUE: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4 th BY 1:30PM . 1. Make a table listing the four biological macromolecules. For each macromolecule, name and sketch the strong bonds involved in its structure. What weak bonds are involved in its structure? For example, your table could be organized like this: Macromolecule Strong bonds Sketch of strong bonds Weak bonds Protein Peptide bonds (also disulfide bonds –S-S- in tertiary structure) 2 o structure : H-bonds between C=O and N-H of peptide backbone 3 o structure : H-bonds , ionic bonds , van der Waals interactions between R- group atoms Carbohydrates α and β Glycosidic bonds Not in all carbs. Cellulose is strengthened by H-bonds between –OH groups. Nucleic Acids
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S2011HW1KEY - Bio 221 Spring 2011 Homework#1 KEY This...

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