Vocabulary%20words%20-%20Microbiology - Prokarya bacteria...

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Prokarya bacteria peptidoglycan archaea Eukarya Membrane-bound organelle algae fungi protozoa Cytoskeleton Virus Bacteriophage Viroid Prion dehydration synthesis (condensation) hydrolysis amino acid side chain (R-group) chiral carbon stereoisomer peptide bond beta (pleated) sheet alpha helix protein structure primary secondary tertiary alpha glycosidic bond beta glycosidic bond nucleotide purine pyrimidine 5’ phosphate 3’ hydroxyl antiparallel double helix triglyceride saturated fatty acid cis-unsaturated trans-unsaturated phospholipid lipid raft biological membrane Glycocalyx Capsule Slime layer biofouling Flagellum filament hook stator rotor membrane bushings C-ring Chemotaxis run, tumble chemoreceptor adaptation Pilus F-pilus horizontal gene transfer (HGT) twitching motility nanowire polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) granules polyphosphate (volutin) granules sulfur granules carboxysomes phycobilisomes chlorosomes gas vesicles magnetosomes Endospore asymmetric septation engulfment cortex coat small, acid-soluble proteins dipicolinic acid semipermeable membrane aquaporin gated channel transporter Passive transport Active transport Primary active transport ABC ATPase Secondary active transport MFS transporters uniport symport antiport rocker-switch mechanism Phosphotransferase system Type I secretory system Drug efflux pump Type III secretory system needle complex syringe secretion Type II secretory system chaperone signal sequence Sec translocon TAT secretory system osmosis hyper / hypo / iso osmotic lysis turgor pressure plasmolysis osmoprotection / osmoprotectant proton motive force (PMF) membrane potential (DY) proton gradient (DpH) proton pump
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respiratory chain bacteriorhodopsin Peptidoglycan N-acetyl glucosamine N-acetyl muramic acid peptide side chain peptide crosslinking transpeptidation transglycosylation (G+ specifics): pentapeptide cross bridge (= pentaglycine bridge) teichoic acid / lipoteichoic acid (G- specifics): lipoprotein porin outer membrane lipopolysaccharide lipid A core polysaccharide O-antigen (Mycobacterial specifics) mycolic acids Mycoplasma magnification resolution contrast immersion oil bright field microscope dark field microscope dark field condenser phase contrast microscope phase plate (= phase shifting element) differential interference contrast m’scope Wollaston prism 90 o polarized light fluorescence microscope confocal scanning laser microscope confocal pinhole transmission electron microscope scanning electron microscope electron cryotomography atomic force microscope simple stain differential stain Gram stain acid-fast stain negative stain lag phase exponential phase stationary phase death phase growth rate constant generation time primary metabolite secondary metabolite persister cells batch culture continuous culture chemostat direct cell count Petroff-Hauser chamber Coulter counter viable cell count pour plate spread plate membrane filter most probable number (MPN) turbidity (= optical density) biochip conductivity
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Vocabulary%20words%20-%20Microbiology - Prokarya bacteria...

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