Ch%203%20%26%204%20RH - fundamental attribution error....

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Name: __________________________ Section #: ___________ Handwrite all responses in the space provided below each question. Typed  responses will not be accepted for credit. Hand this quiz to your instructor along with your self-assessments for chapter 3 & 4. Chapter 3 – Perception 1. People’s behavior is based how they perceive ___________, not __________ itself. 2. What three factors influence perception? Describe in your own words what each factor means? 3. Describe the difference between the halo effect and the horn effect. 4. ____________________ is when a person thinks that anything good is the result of internal factors and anything bad is the result of external factors. 5. Define and give an example of the fundamental attribution error.
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Name: __________________________ Section #: ___________ 6. Name and define the three items people will look for when applying attribution theory. 7. Describe a situation where you have noticed someone exhibiting
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Unformatted text preview: fundamental attribution error. Chapter 4 – Values and Attitudes 1. List and describe the three components of attitudes. 2. What can occur when people are asked to choose between their values and a behavior? Describe an instance of when you or someone you knew had to choose between their values and behaviors. Name: __________________________ Section #: ___________ 3. A large part of your values are determined by ________________. 4. What are other factors that impact one’s value system? Is it easy to change what a person values? 5. Define terminal and instrumental values and discuss how they relate. 6. To be able to understand people’s behavior, you need to understand their __________ and _______________. 7. It is important to remember that values differ across what three main categories? Give one example of how values differ in one category....
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Ch%203%20%26%204%20RH - fundamental attribution error....

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