Ch%209%20%26%2010 - action is necessary 2 Provide an...

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Name__________________________ Section # ______________ Handwrite all responses in the space provided below each question. Typed responses will not be accepted for credit. Hand this homework to your instructor along with your self-assessments for chapter 9 & 10. Chapter 9: 1. Based on your score on the “ What’s My Leadership Style” assessment, what type of organization or workplace would you fit best, and explain why? 2. Define and provide an example of trait theory. 3. How can organizations use the information provided by the Managerial Grid tool (Figure 9-1 pg. 124)? 4. According to the Situational Leadership Model what are the central leadership issues that guide the behavior of a leader? 5. Provide an example of each element of the leader-follower contingency model. 6. Define transactional and transformational leadership, and provide an example of each.
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Chapter 10: 1. What decision making model reflects a response to a situation where time is critical and quick
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Unformatted text preview: action is necessary? 2. Provide an example of how you could use the satisficing model to make a decision. 3. What is the difference between corrective action and preventative action? 4. Describe the Delphi technique for group decision-making. 5. Your instructor presented you with a problem and asked you to write down your ideas. After a period of individual deliberation, each member of a group is asked to present his or her idea to the group. Then those ideas are ranked by members of the group, then the final decision is made by choosing the idea with the highest ranking. What type of group decision technique is your instructor using? 6. In determining a course of action, which one is NOT a technique for handling a problem? a. Corrective action b. Interim action c. Adaptive action d. Nominal action...
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Ch%209%20%26%2010 - action is necessary 2 Provide an...

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