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Individual Reaction Report (IRR) The requirements for the IRR are given on page 363 of the textbook. An abridged version is outlined here. Proofread the paper before handing it in! Poor grammar means fewer points! The IRR should answer each bullet point listed in the text on page 363. It should be 2-3 pages typed in 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, with 1” margins! There should also be a cover sheet (which is NOT included in the 2-3 pages). Cover Sheet Information: “Individual Reaction Report” Your Name Section # _______ Team # _______ Forms A, B & C (pgs. 365-369) should be completed individually and as a team where specified and attached to the back of the paper. Consensus sections of A&B should be EXACTLY the same for each team member. Form C should be an honest evaluation of the other members. The results will be confidential. Not all team members can be
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Unformatted text preview: rated 50 on Form C as not all members can be leaders. Briefly explain your conclusions from forms A & B. Talk about any of the points that stood out to you or affected your team experience. Each individual point does not need to be discussed. Explain any parts of form C in which you would like to elaborate. Discuss what you learned from this experience, how your team members acted during the project and why you think they reacted that way. Evaluate, in-depth, your feelings and reactions to team members. Answer the questions in the fifth bullet point to do this. Handing in only a paper or only Forms A, B and C will result in a grade of 0 . The IRR is a report that contains both and will only be graded if both sections are turned in together. The IRR is worth 25 points 15 points for forms A, B and C and 10 points for the paper....
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