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Personal Profile Paper (PPP) The personal profile paper is an essay that discusses your personality and how you work with others. On page 330 of the text are specific questions to be answered. The following are instructions of what to do with those questions on page 330. Include a Cover Sheet with the follow Information: “Personal Profile Paper” Your Name Section # _______ Date The paper should be 4-5 pages double spaced (not including the cover page). Margins are to be 1” all around and the font is 12pt Times New Roman. A paper that is 3.5 pages does not count as four pages; it has to be at least ¾ of the page (and have correct margins) to count as page 4. If all questions are answered using the assessments and personal examples, four pages should not be a difficult length. Appendix 1 (pgs. 322-330) should be COMPLETED and STAPLED to the back of this paper. You should discuss each of the five sections in order, using headings to separate each section. Remember proper paper formatting and use multiple paragraphs for each
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