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ENGL 393 – Technical Writing Calloway Assignment – Final Project Topic Memo Due: See Syllabus. Purpose : To present three possible topics, the potential audience for each topic, and potential format for the final project. Audience : Instructor acting in a managerial role. Layout and Design : Use a memo format. The body of the memo should include appropriate formatting for discussing the three ideas you have for a final project. This assignment must be submitted as an electronic copy as either an MS Word document or
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Unformatted text preview: a PDF. The electronic copy must be placed in the appropriate location on Blackboard. The file name should be username_jobpacket_date (for example: acallowa_FPtopicmemo_020807). Target length : The minimum for this assignment is one page. There is no maximum for this assignment. Be thorough without adding details just to fill space. Address the subjects with an appropriate amount of detail. Spring 2011...
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