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ENGL 393 – Technical Writing Calloway Job Packet Assignment – Part 2 Due : On the day of the in-class peer review session. Purpose : Provide feedback to a fellow student. Audience : Another student in the class. Guidelines: Review and comment on the assignment. Use the review sheet to provide comments. Comments should be constructive and, where possible, positive. Be honest, don’t hold back comments. Your comments are vital to the development of the assignment and your fellow student’s writing. Turn in the marked-up copy of the assignment you have reviewed along with the review sheet. Return a copy of the comments and review sheet to the author.
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Unformatted text preview: Layout and Design : • Since you are reviewing someone else’s assignment, you will not be changing the format or design of the original work, but adding comments. • You should use the Comments feature and track changes to log your comments. Make sure you do a Save As with the file name of initials(of_writer)_jobpacket_draft_date_comments . What you are doing is adding the extension _ comments to the original file name. Save the comments to the appropriate location on Blackboard. • Save the review sheet with the file name of initials(ofwriter)_jobpacket_review to the appropriate location on Blackboard. Revised: Fall 2008...
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