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ENGL 393 – Technical Writing Calloway This I Believe… Due : See syllabus. Audience : This I Believe… moderators Assignment Requirements: Review the material at Follow the links to view the information for submitting an essay to view the requirements of the essay. NOTE: You do not have to submit the essay to This I Believe . I encourage you to submit it after revision. Only you can submit your material. HINT: Take time to read and listen to other essays on topics similar to the one you want to write about. Consider how they were written and what is striking about that particular essay. Write an essay that fits the requirements for This I Believe . Check the website for the most current version of the requirements. “When you write your essay, we encourage you to: 1. Please limit your essay to fewer than 500 words. 2. Describe an event that shaped your beliefs or a person who inspired them. 3. Avoid sermons and editorials—no soapbox declamations, please!
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