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ENGL393 – Technical Writing Calloway Résumé Peer Review Sheet Use one or two pages, depending on the level of content and depth and breadth of the information you want to include. One page Reverse chronological order for any lists (education, work, activities) Note: if reverse chronological order buries the most relevant work experience for the job you are applying for, use two sections for your experience. For example, Professional Experience and Other Experience Chronological order is not necessary due to a lack of listed items Presentation of content Job description text format is consistent – either bulleted format or narrative format Job description is informative including demonstration of key elements such as leadership, initiative, etc. Dates are consistent Information presented in a section is consistent with the section heading Format is consistent, but lacking in informative details. Skills are listed without support, and some points are overly general. Documentation Design
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cgorrell_jobpacket_review - ENGL393 Technical Writing...

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