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12122 Mesa Street Bowie, Maryland 20720 July 31, 2007 University of Maryland Dr. Michael Marcuse Director, Professional Writing Program College Park, Maryland 20001 Dear Dr. Marcuse, Susan Armstrong recommended I contact you about the position of Instructor for the Technical Writing class within the Professional Writing Program. From reviewing the job description posted in The Washington Post , I believe I am a qualified candidate for the position. Below I have listed the requirements for the position and my corresponding qualifications. Requirements Qualifications Experience teaching in a classroom I have taught customers at various levels how to use software and equipment purchased from Zeno Technologies. Able to develop curriculum and assignments within guidelines and present the curriculum As the Trainer for Zeno Technologies, I developed and implemented the training plans for our customers. Manage the classroom atmosphere
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Unformatted text preview: In addition to the classroom work with Zeno Technologies, I have taught cadets (teenagers) aerospace and leadership courses within the Civil Air Patrol, the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary. Use multimedia to present course work as well as accept assignments • I developed an on-line tutorial for Zeno Technologies. • Most presentations were done with PowerPoint presentations presented through overhead projectors. • Several leadership courses were conducted online using various Web resources. Work with faculty in maintaining program Various projects have required working as teams with customers and students in developing and maintaining the training programs for the customers. I would appreciate the chance to discuss this position and my qualifications further. You can contact me at 301-555-1212 or at [email protected] Sincerely, //signed Alexandra Calloway...
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