~WRL2393 - • Fiber optical acoustic sensor • Light...

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Laboratory 7 Optical Sensor for Acoustic Measurement James King Daniel Hegarty Eyamindae Jallow ENME 351 Section 0103 Date: 11/27/09
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Objectives The objective of this experiment is to gain hands-on experience with the sound wave and optical measurement systems in Labview. We are also supposed to learn how optical microphones are better then condenser ones. Finally we are meant to measure the frequencies of pure sound tones. Instruments Used PC with National Instruments DAQ card Labview NI SCC-68 connector board
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Unformatted text preview: • Fiber optical acoustic sensor • Light source: superluminescent diode with laser controller • Optical coupler • Photodetector Set-up Exercise 7.1 This lab was pretty fast because the block diagram and front panel in Labview were already made for us. All we had to do was set the optical devices to the correct settings, then we could start collecting data. The first step was to turn on the SLD light source. Set-up Exercise 7.2 Conclusion...
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~WRL2393 - • Fiber optical acoustic sensor • Light...

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