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sample midterm EXAM -Fall 2009 - Oct 14 2009 ENME 351 Fall...

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Oct. 14 2009 ENME 351 – Fall 2009 1 Name:_____________________________ ENME 351 SAMPLE MIDTERM EXAM PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING: 1. Be neat. 2. State all assumptions made and provide steps. 3. Maximum time allowed for exam: 50 minutes (10:00am-10:50am). Problem 1: (40) 10 problems, 4 pts each. 1) Errors caused by the loading effect on a sensor can be classified as (a) Systematic errors; (b) Random errors 2) The dynamic error in a first order system can be classified as (a) a systematic error; (b) a random error 3) Systematic errors can be reduced by taking the average of repeated measurements. (a) True (b) False 4) When performing DFT, the frequency resolution can be improved by increasing the sampling rate. (a) True (b) False 5) For a sensor that has a constant static sensitivity over its operating range, which of the following statements is true? (a) The sensor is calibrated and operates according to manufacturer specifications; (b) The sensor is operating in saturation; (c) The sensor is nonlinear; (d) The sensor is linear; (e) The sensor is precise but not accurate. 6) You need to measure a pressure, which has a value between 60 kPa and 100 kPa. Five pressure-measuring devices of comparable quality are available; device A, device B, device C, device D and device E. Each measuring device has an error ±4% FSO . Which device would you choose to minimize measurement error? (a) Device A, range 0-100 kPa; (b) Device B, range 0-150 kPa; (c) Device C, range 50-100 kPa; (d) Device D, range 50-150 kPa; (e) Device E, range 50-200 kPa. 7) Consider the sensor output shown in Figure 1. Given that the natural frequency for the sensor is 50 rad/sec, the damping ratio for this sensor is approximately (a) ζ ≈ 0.05 ; (b) ζ ≈ 0.15 ;
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Oct. 14 2009 ENME 351 – Fall 2009 2 (c) ζ ≈ 0.2 ; (d) ζ ≈ 0.3 ; (e) ζ ≈ 0.5 ; (f) ζ ≈ 0.7 ; 8) If a measurement signal with ω = 20 rad/sec is sampled by a data acquisition system at 8 Hz, what is the frequency of the output signal?
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sample midterm EXAM -Fall 2009 - Oct 14 2009 ENME 351 Fall...

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