Tissue and Cellular Organization of Muscle

Tissue and Cellular Organization of Muscle - Tissue and...

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Tissue and Cellular Organization of Muscle 05/03/2008 10:01:00 Types of muscle All generate tension Skeletal o Voluntary Cardiac Smooth Skeletal muscle function Locomotion Posture Facial expression Support soft tissues Guard entrances and exists to body Maintain body temperature Structural Organization of skeletal muscle Groups of muscles Bundled by tissue o Deep Fascia o Keeps muscles stable Each muscle surrounded by  o epimysium o Each individual muscle Fascicle o Bundles of fibers o Wrapped in perimysium Separated into cells (fibers) o Each cell surrounded by endomysium Each muscle is considered an organ o Organs are combinations of tissues… All connective tissues are continuous with the tendon o One muscle fiber contracts o Pulls on connective tissues o Pulls on tendon o Pulls on bone
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Cellular and Subcellular level 05/03/2008 10:01:00 Cells Muscle ‘fibers’ o Large o Wide o Long Sartotius originates at hip, inserts at tibia Fibers span the length of that muscle Longest in the body Typically multinucleated o Only way to provide all the proteins needed for such a large cell o Nuclei arise from fusion of myoblasts in development Stem cells Fuse to form immature muscle fibers Cannot undergo mitosis o Growth after development occurs from hypertrophy -increase in size o Not hyperplasia -increase in number “Satellite cells” are myoblasts that are present
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Tissue and Cellular Organization of Muscle - Tissue and...

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