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%% Problem 6.9 clc;clear z = 0.2; m = 1000; k = 2*10^5 ; wn = sqrt(2*k/m); syms t To=wn; T=t*wn; syms t Fo=1000; k=2*10^5; F Ht =(1/20)*(-2*z+T+exp(-z*T)*(2*z*cos(19.6*t)-.939*sin(19.6*t))) Ho =(1/20)*(-2*z+wn*(t-1)+exp(-4*(t-1))*(2*z*cos(19.6*(t-1))-.939*sin(19.6*(t-1))))
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Unformatted text preview: Xt =(Fo/k)*(Ht*heaviside(t)-Ho*heaviside(t-1)) X ezplot(Xt, [0 2]) axis([0 2 0 .0052])...
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