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vibrationshw5 - g x= a b c d e f g xi1=ilaplace(xi figure(1...

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%% Problem 6.1 clc;clear syms s t wn=sqrt(3.5) z=(0.2)/(2*wn) wd=wn*sqrt(1-z^2) phi=acos(z) w=1.4 w a=0.1*(-wn/wd)*exp(-z*wn*t)*sin(wd*t-phi); b=0.02*(1/wd)*exp(-z*wn*t)*sin(wd*t) c=4*(1/wd)*exp(-z*wn*(t-3))*sin(wd*(t-3))*heaviside(t-3) d=-0.1714*cos(1.4*t) e=(1.32/w)*sin(w*t) f=0.1714*(-wn/wd)*exp(-z*wn*t)*sin(wd*t-phi) g=-1.2857*(1/wd)*exp(-z*wn*t)*sin(wd*t)
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Unformatted text preview: g x= a+b+c+d+e+f+g xi1=ilaplace(xi) figure(1) ezplot(x, [0 70]) e %% Problem 6.2 % clc; clear syms t wn=2 z=.5 wd = wn*sqrt(1-z^2); x= (1/wd)*exp(-z*wn*t)*sin(wd*t)+(1/wd)*exp(-z*wn*(t-5))*sin(wd*(t-5))*heaviside(t-5) ezplot(x, [0 30]) axis([0 15 -.1 .3])...
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