Vibrations - hold on h subplot(3,1,2) ezplot(c*dx, [0 5])...

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%% Problem 2.34 (Ehsan Mohammadi) clc;clear c m = 10; %kg k = 1500; %N/m c = 2500; %N/(m/s) c syms t x = 0.2*sin(9*t); dx = 0.2*9*cos(9*t); ddx = 0.2*9*9*-sin(9*t); d subplot(3,1,1) ezplot(k*x, [0 5]) ylabel('k*x (N)') xlabel('time (s)') title('x vs time')
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Unformatted text preview: hold on h subplot(3,1,2) ezplot(c*dx, [0 5]) xlabel('time (s)') ylabel('c*dx (N)') title('dx vs time') hold on h subplot(3,1,3) ezplot(m*ddx, [0 5]) xlabel('time (s)') ylabel('m*ddx (N)') title('ddx vs time') hold on...
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