PSYC 465 - TEST #1

PSYC 465 - TEST #1 - PSYC465 EXAM #1 DIVERSITY What is...

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Unformatted text preview: PSYC465 EXAM #1 DIVERSITY What is diversity? differences Legal perspective vs. Diversity perspective o Legal everyone is equal Equal Employment Act : race, sex, color national origin American Disability Act Age Discrimination Act : Above 40 (t0 70) o Diversity everyone is different and we value such differences Government Legislation o Equal Act Pay : same job= same pay o EEO : sex o Family Leave Act : 6 months unpaid leave for family issues Generally speaking, woman earn 85% of what men earn; black women earn about 80% of what white women earn o At lower levels of pay men and womens earnings are closer together, but at higher levels of education there is a bigger gap between men and womens earning o Males and females in the same field expect the same pay one year out, but when asked what their peak salary will be, women expect 67% of men Different people need and value different aspects of the work place is generalizable to other race, ethnic, and demographic categories Diversity Training Program o 1. Basic knowledge facts (how people act) o 2. Focus on behavior (good and bad ways) # 1 and 2 are rarely included o 3. Attitude change (Bias) big emphasis but people dont want to be told how to think Diversity Climate o Individual Background (age, race, social dominance) Climate for Diversity (value diversity, discrimination) Outcomes (racial understanding, belonging/commitment, satisfaction, intention to stay) Diversity Climate : perceptions of practice, policies, procedures and routines of the organization and diversity Valuing Diversity Climate: extent to which the organization values and appreciates diversity (Besides having diversity, do we value it?) Discrimination Climate : Extent to which racial conflict and discrimination is tolerated in organizations If people are exposed to diversity, they have much more positive perceptions of it Paradox : while greater similarity is related to more positive attitudes, greater satisfaction, greater commitment and lower turnover diversity is related to better group decision making, creativity and team performance Similarity is better for individuals but diversity is better for group performancehow do you resolve this? Over time, differences in race/ethnicity have a lesser impact on problems in group functioning and performance but differences in personality tend to cause problems o Personality clashes over diversity Moderate diverse groups allow for some diversity in perspectives while simultaneously allowing for the comfort zone associated with others THEREFORE moderate diversity with clusters is the best Different workers leads to o Different beliefs about performance, rewards and equity in the workplace o Different expectations about leaders o Different group dynamics o Communication problems o The need for training INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENES Abilities o Physical o Cognitive o...
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PSYC 465 - TEST #1 - PSYC465 EXAM #1 DIVERSITY What is...

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