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psyc361 paper - Dear Mr. Hank Adamson, I have been informed...

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Dear Mr. Hank Adamson, I have been informed of the disruption spreading throughout the company, caused by the exposure of workers’ salary from an ex-employee. This public display of salaries reveals discrepancies in the organizations compensatory system, which seems to have ignited outrage from employees. Nowadays, it is harder to keep salary confidentiality with modern technology and information accessibility. After some thought, I find there are both positive and negative qualities to having a public salary system. An adverse effect with such a program would raise privacy issues, such as aware rivals what to offer desirable employees. However, a public salary system would allow a fairer compensatory system based on actual performance. Employees would be able to reach a better understand of the business, like why some employees get paid more… etc. It would also create more trust among employees and managers, with more shared information. After much thought I have come up with some solutions to help repair the company’s new troubles. In general, the employees need to be informed that what the management decides and does is what is best for the existence and growth of the organization. However, the management does need to put a fair system into effect to try to satisfy workers. This will motivate employees to not only continue working, but also to want to put in some extra effort to benefit the development of the company. While each person is unique, we all seem to have similar reactions to noticeable changes. I believe if you attempt to establish the suggested actions you will have pleased workers, and a
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successful, flourishing business. I am confident that these amendments will be beneficial due to the theories that support them. However, you should be aware that everything comes with risks, but I am optimistic that the rewards will outweigh the costs. The main reason why this company’s employees were so upset was because they felt that the compensatory system was not performance based. Some people were being paid a lot more than other people doing the exact same work. This is why my first recommendation would be to create and publish salary ranges for all jobs in each department. This will create somewhat of an equal opportunity for each person in the department to start off with a comparable salary, but with enough variation to differ individual performance and offers room for growth. This action is supported by equity theory, which “suggests that individuals look at their world in terms of comparative inputs and outcomes… with other by developing an input/outcome ratio” (Conte & Landy 347). While different departments have different job descriptions and responsibilities, many of the tasks within the same department will be somewhat similar. If workers in the same division explicitly see all the salaries are in the same range, they will find it fair and just. The amount of work done by the employee for the organization, his or her behavior, skills and useful experiences (input) will reflect where he or she will fall on the
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psyc361 paper - Dear Mr. Hank Adamson, I have been informed...

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