psych 421- notes #4 - Early physiology: -Experimental...

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Early physiology: -Experimental physiology started in the 1830’s. - Johannas Muller: he started physiology as a science. He said each sensory nerve has characteristic response when stimulated. - his famous quote: no one can be a psychologist unless he becomes a physiologist. - Physiology offers precise measurement techniques; important in shaping new science of psychology. - What mechanisms underlie mental phenomena? - focus on how senses functioned… - Questions on the mind started getting answered with technique of physiology. * Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828):- - He pioneered the field of phrenology (feel the head and tell one something about their personality or character). -He noticed that boys who were better memorizers had big eyes. Galls conclusion about their brains: he thought that areas of the brains that was responsible for memorization is big and pushes their eyes outwards- so they focus better. -
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psych 421- notes #4 - Early physiology: -Experimental...

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