psych 421- notes #6 - The Founding of psychology The first...

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Unformatted text preview: The Founding of psychology:-- The first experimental (scientific) psychology research laboratory was established in 1879 in Leipzig, Germany by Wilhelm Wunt.- His goal:- to find a new science: he wrote a book principle of physiological science. Wilhelm Wunt (1832- 1920):-- His father was a Lutheran pastor- He was a sickly sick student.\-> had malaria as a child.- Was very shy and unsocial- He studied medicine and graduated top of his class: he studies with Muller and became an assistant to Helmholtz.- He took appointment at the University of Leipzig in 1875. Wundt’s psychology:- - He said there’re two parts of psychology: experimental and cultural.- Experimental psychology: can be studies experimentally- Cultural psychology: higher mental processes- must use non-experimental methods. Wundt’s experimental work:-- He said there’re two basic goals-: to discover the elements of experience and to uncover the law governing organizations Experience: mediate vs. immediate direct experience: he said mediate experience is based on Experience: mediate vs....
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psych 421- notes #6 - The Founding of psychology The first...

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