Geography - Absolute value such as miles b-Or via time c-$...

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Day 1 Geography 101 Geography -study of interactions among places form patterns and organizes space. 5 Themes of Geography Location-Location-Location a- Specific street address AKA site b- Relative location 1- “Situation” “I’m going downtown” 2- NO MATHEMATICAL LOCATION Place a- Characteristics- i.e. natural & cultural qualities that make it unique. i.e. what you’ve done to your home to make it unique. i.e. what the Grand Canyon is like, NOT where it is Region a- Common characteristics & take up space. b- May or may not be contiguous-connected c- ALL regions user defined no clear standard d- 3 types of regions Formal, Functional, Vernacular- CAN OVERLAP such as Tristate Area Movement a- anything that moves- transportation-stoplights-trains-ferries and buses b- Trade connections such as FedEx goes through Nashville c- Migration d- Immigration-defines America since 1965 e- Telecommunications-study of virtual space in creating real space f- Internet g- Snail mail Distance
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Day 1 a-
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Unformatted text preview: Absolute value such as miles b-Or via time c-$ distance d-Social distance class and cultural differences i.e. situational identity-conform to context-bridge different qualities e-Friction of distant overcome $ or obstacles f-Distance Decay further you move away from something, the less influence it has on you. “Buffalo and California” • Formal Region- same in form- same in social and physical/cultural features a-Area is contiguous-CONCRETE RULE b-Boundaries and shared characteristics are user defined c-MEGALOPOSIS- Boston to Washington-continued urban space b/c of uniformity • Functional Region- Because of shared function a-May or may not be continuous b-Only common feature may be shared function I.e. Districted High School(formal too). Supermarket w/ parking lot. SCALE DEPENDANT • Vernacular Region- overlaps others a-Known as common person’s speech b-Usually formal and can be functional i.e. tristate area...
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Geography - Absolute value such as miles b-Or via time c-$...

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