day 5 - d-If alluvium transported in a dessert, it becomes...

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Day 5 Movement of materials a- when rocks are weathered, smaller materials can move, most commonly downhill b- mass movement- freefall movement in response to gravity 1-soil 2-landslides c- surface erosion-water transports smaller materials d- river system-smaller streams feed into larger streams flowing downhill. 1- Headwaters-source of river 2- Mouth –outlet(ocean, lake) 3- Tributaries contribute 4- Distributaries distribute Streak erosion and deposition-can erode a bank Some people replenish soil via floods such as Bangladesh. Flood plains/Mississippi River are fertile Flood Plains a- Stream pick up sediment(alluvium) and transport it downstream b- At flood stage, sediment is deposited along the river shore, building a flood plain c- Can be transported in a later flood, build up downstream delta
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Unformatted text preview: d-If alluvium transported in a dessert, it becomes a fan Glaciers a-Large flows of ice b-Alpine glaciers-rivers of ice flowing from mountain icecaps c-Continental glaciers- cover large area such as Greenland & Antarctica 1-Glaciers advance and retreat, depositing material and creating moraines. 2-Medial-create a fork 3-Lateral- along the side Day 5 4-Terminal- at the end 5-Crevasse is a crack in ice. V shape valley not as deep as U shaped valley. Wind erosion a-Mechanically weathers dry windy areas where soil isnt held down by vegetation b-Wind carries small particles such as sand c-Sand dunes-accumulation of sand d-Desert pavement-sand becomes converted e-Less windblown silt from melting glaciers...
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day 5 - d-If alluvium transported in a dessert, it becomes...

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