day 7 - -U.S. newest country on map-Mexico was advanced,...

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Day 7 Population Geography - The special analysis of population growth and change - Population growth and change at different scales i.e. 1990-2000 population grew Manhattan 3%, Brooklyn 7%, Queens 14%, Staten Island 17%, Bronx10% - Relationships between people and place - Geography of ethnicity and race - Geography of vital statistics - Geography of aging in place and death of communities such as coal mining- Phoenix gets flooded by snow birds-Florida has elderly New Yorkers - Geography of immigration and internal migration. i.e. Europe recently(20yrs) is gettin immigrants. Germany used to only allow blood be citizens, not born and raised Turks - India and China make up 40% of world’s population
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Unformatted text preview: -U.S. newest country on map-Mexico was advanced, drained wetlands, of 1,000,000 people populated-oldest university in Mexico-Gualaharra-300+ libraries Measuring Population density a- crude/arithmetic density b- total population/total area in square miles= persons/miles squared. * formula assume evenly balanced population c- total population/total arable land=persons/miles squared good for country like Egypt d- agricultural density= farm pop./total arable land/ describes labor to land intensity of farming e- Jersey Garden State fruits and veggies f-Prison farms for rehab g- Global population growth through time Day 7...
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day 7 - -U.S. newest country on map-Mexico was advanced,...

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