Day 9 - c-baby boom post WWII When time is good=more babies...

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Day 9 Demographic Model Stage 1- primitive-death rates are high but high birth rate compensates for death rates a-no country is in stage 1 **Death rate: public health issue birth rate: cultural issue Utah- highest birth rate because of Mormons 9 children are highest Heaven 1960’s catholics had many children McBride’s children – 15 children – one in every grade Catholic, Jewish and Muslim Infants and young children are most vulnerable to death Argentina/Chile advanced like Europe just lower annual salary. WRONG CONTINENT Microenterprise Banks a- replacement rate- 2.1kids b- spike in death rate means epidemic
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Unformatted text preview: c-baby boom post WWII. When time is good=more babies • Composition of a population a-Median-midpoint age- ½ population above, ½ population below b-USA’s is 35 c-Countries with 15 has many kids d-Sex ration = ratio of boys/ratio of girls If > 1, more males than females If < 1, more females than males e-Western China Muslim females • Dependency Ratio- proportion of population in workplace vs. proportion dependent on workforce a-Youth/Child DR = P(65+)/P(15-64) * 100 b-Aged DR= P(65+)/P(15-64) * 100 Day 9 c-Total DR P(0-14)+P(65+)/ P(15-64) * 100...
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Day 9 - c-baby boom post WWII When time is good=more babies...

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