day 10 - moves every 3-5 years • Categories of Migrants...

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Day 10 Population Pyramid a- Graphical means of describing a combined age sex ratio b- Reflects trends/cycles c- 0-5 yrs. = ages of vulnerability d- Women likelier to outlive men due to estrogen e- Immigrants have fewer children Migration a- Most diff. component of population change to model and forecast b- Census Bureau definition of migration- change of residence across political border, at least a county line w/ intent to stay. –Except NY- c- Not based on distance Fairfax vs. San Bernadino Types of migration-depending on crossing line a- International- country to country b- Internal- within a country. i.e. Honolulu to D.C. c- Free/Volitional: Migrant chooses to move d- Forced: Choice is made for migrant i.e. slavery or natural disaster e- tied mover-move because household head moves. I.e. children/spouse/military family
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Unformatted text preview: moves every 3-5 years • Categories of Migrants a-Immigrants entering a country b-Emigrants leave a country c-Inmigrants enter an aerial unit d-Outmigrants leave an aerial unit • Pull or Push Factors a-Pull factors attract, push factors repel b-Can overlap, relative if push or pull Day 10 c-3 broad factors of push/pull 1-Economic 2-Environmental 3-Political d-2 strong factors 1-percieved freedom 2- Perceived economic opportunity quote “I thought I’d see gold paved roads, but then realized I would have to pave them” • Immigration to the US a-Immigrations defined cultural, political, and ethnic historical and contemporary geographies of the US b-Immigration law is response to “the other”...
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day 10 - moves every 3-5 years • Categories of Migrants...

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