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Day 11 Cultural Geography- Geography of culture a- Culture is a way of life b- Cultural geography focuses on 1- Where and how aspects of culture originate and diffuse 2- How cultures change when in contact with other cultures 3- How culture manifests itself on the landscape 4- How culture affects how we interpret our landscape such as Hindus view Ganges River 5- How culture frames our spatial behavior. 6- “transform landscape to who you are” 7- Parents’ cultures influence night activities and chilling abroad for a year 8- Ireland migration is low because property gets inherited by spouse/child 9- New Zealand has high migration because of island hopping.
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Unformatted text preview: 10- Live in Arizona but powershop in Mexico • Components of Culture a-Nation is not a country but can also be a people like Kurds b-Arts- arts and artifacts c-Ethnolinguistics d-Ideological- geography of religion-religious values and beliefs e-Economic-all economics are cultural, how we exchange some poor countries have beautiful $ f-Sociopolitical- power system in home and society-patriarch? Women president in South America g-Obama is a child to immigrant and lived in youngest state Hawaii h-Village women more educated in politics than PHD student...
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