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Neurotransmitters - Serotonin Inhibitory Sedation...

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Neurotransmitters & How Drugs Affect Them The following is a quick overview of the most common neurotransmitters and how drugs affect them. This information is from Drugs and Society, fourth edition, by Glen Hanson and Peter Venturelli, 1995. Neurotransmitters Type ofEffect Major CNSChanges Drugs Influence Dopamine InhibitoryExcitatory Euphoria, Agitation, Paranoia Amphetamines and Cocaine Activates the Neurotransmitters GABA Inhibitory Sedation, Relaxation, Drowsiness,and Depression Alcohol, Valium type, and Barbiturates Activates the Neurotransmitters
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Unformatted text preview: Serotonin Inhibitory Sedation, Relaxation, and Sleep LSD Activates the Neurotransmitters Acetylcholne InhibitoryExcitatory Excitation, Mild Euphoria, and Insomnia Tobacco and Nicotine Stimulates the Neurotransmitters Endorphins Inhibitory Blocks Pain, Mild Euphoria, and Slow Respiration Narcotics Activates the Neurotransmitters Look at how these neurotransmitters affect the Central Nervous System: evoking euphoria, sedation, and relaxation, as well as blocking pain. These are no small incentives for people....
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  • Neurotransmitter, Drugs and Society, Neurotransmitters GABA Inhibitory, Neurotransmitters Serotonin Inhibitory

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Neurotransmitters - Serotonin Inhibitory Sedation...

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