Quiz 1B Key - b punish anyone kills a relative c make sure Atlas keeps holding up the sky d destroy those violating laws of hospitality 4 Zeus

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Quiz 1: Form B Chapter 4, B. Powell, Classical Myth ● If you have brought any electronic device (including cell phones), turn them off now and put them out of sight. If you fail to do this, you are subject to immediate dismissal and failure. ● Any talking during the quiz/exam is reason for dismissal. ● No questions will be answered on quiz/exam questions. ● Fill out the scantron completely: (1) Name ; (2) UF ID Number not social security (3) Form of the quiz/exam you are taking (A, B, or C). ● Keep your hard copy of the quiz/exam; the answers and your score will be posted on e-learning/webct. 1. Zeus imprisoned this monster under Mount Etna. a. Pegasus b. Cyclops c. Sphinx d. Typhon 2. This god was born from the head of Zeus a. Athena b. Metis c. Aphrodite d. Prometheus 3. What is the job of the Erinyes (the Furies)? a. punish liars
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Unformatted text preview: b. punish anyone kills a relative c. make sure Atlas keeps holding up the sky d. destroy those violating laws of hospitality 4. Zeus overthrowing his father would be an example of the following: a. gigantomachy b. titanomachy c. cosmogony d. succession myth 5. This is the name for the three-headed hound of Hades: a. Ceres b. Chaos c. Cerberus d. Chimera 6. Which of the following is a child of Chaos? a. Zeus b. Uranus c. Nyx d. Eros 7. The Cyclops made Zeus a powerful weapon: a. the trident b. aegis c. thunderbolt d. club 8. She was the best known Nereid and mother of Achilles. a. Medusa b. Iris c. Thetis d. Metis 9. He wrote the Theogony. a. Hesiod b. Homer c. Tim Johnson d. Ovid 10. These monstrous children of Gaea and Uranus had 100 hands. a. Cyclopes b. Hecatonchires c. Titans d. Graeae...
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