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Quiz 4 Form A key - a Spear b Map showing the way to...

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Quiz 4: Form A Chapter 15, B. Powell, Classical Myth Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices; refusal to comply will result in immediate dismissal and failure. No talking; refusal to comply will result in immediate dismissal and failure. No questions will be answered dealing with the content of quiz questions. Fill out the scantron completely: (1) Name , (2) UF ID Number , (3) Quiz Form (A, B, or C) Keep this hard copy of the quiz; the answer key and your score will be posted on WebCT. 1) Athens achieved its highest level of cultural achievements during this period: a) Mycenaean b) Archaic c) Classical d) Hellenistic 2) Procne killed her own son Itys for this reason a) Her husband raped her sister b) She wanted to test the gods c) She wanted to get revenge on her father d) Hera struck her with madness 3) What did Theseus find underneath the rock?
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Unformatted text preview: a) Spear b) Map showing the way to Epidaurus c) Laws written for Athens d) Sandals and a sword 4) How did Theseus die? a) Murdered by a stronger son b) Fell from a cliff c) By the treachery of his wife d) He did not die; he was made immortal 5) Who founded the Athenian democracy? a) Theseus b) Cimon c) Clisthenes d) Miltiades 6) Hippolytus was devoted to this god: a) Aphrodite b) Artemis c) Athena d) Hera 7) Procris agreed to sleep with the disguised Cephalus in exchange for this: a) Golden Crown b) Money c) Immortality d) Gift of prophecy 8) The name “Aura” means: a) Heat b) Passion c) Cold d) Breeze 9) Theseus abducted this queen of the Amazons: a) Procris b) Iole c) Antiope d) Medea 10)This fiend cut and stretched people so that they would fit their bed. a) Scyros b) Sinis c) Procrustes d) Periphetes...
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