Geo 3427 3rd take home exam

Geo 3427 3rd take home exam - John Tuerk- NEWMAN 6802-6373...

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6802-6373 Geo 3427 Plants, Health, and Spirituality Third take home essay exam 2. What is peyote and where is it native to? What part of the plant is used and what are the active ingredients in the plant that produce colorful visions. Describe peyote’s importance to certain indigenous groups. Mention items in the presentation of John Tuerk. Presented Peyote 4. Where is khat used traditionally and for what purpose? How does the DEA classify khat? Mention items in the presentation of Tyler McCann. Khat ( Catha edulis) , is a flowering shrub native to East Africa and the Arabian-Peninsula. The leaves and young shoots of the Catha edulis, have been widely used since the thirteenth century as a recreational drug by the indigenous people of East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and throughout the Middle East. As a stimulant the leaves are traditionally chewed like tobacco. Chewing the fresh leaves, twigs, and shoots of the khat and retained in the cheek releasing the active drug. It can also be smoked and sprinkled on food. Although it is still found in the United States khat is considered an illegal drug here. But it is legal in much of Europe, East Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. 5. In which country would you most likely encounter Bhang? When and how is it consumed and what are its effects? Mention items in the presentation of Anisha Mehta and Rafael Yaniz. Most likely to encounter bhang on the Indian Subcontinent, its first use dates back to 1000 BC. Used in March and April to celebrate Holi and Vaisakhi. In India which is made by mixing bhang with thandai, a cold beverage prepared with almonds, spices (mainly black pepper), milk and sugar said to be similar to a milkshake by Anisha. Preparation of bhang is done by taking the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant ground up into a green paste. From there it is either smoked(frowned upon) or consumed in a beverage. Not considered a drug but as a sleep aid and appetizer it is also available as Bhang golis (balls) which is just freshly ground hemp with water. Now is only used on special occasions due to cost. The effects are said to be closely
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Geo 3427 3rd take home exam - John Tuerk- NEWMAN 6802-6373...

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