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AMH 4270- exam review - half of the Cold War? The 1970s...

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AMH 4270 Discuss the cultural and political transformation that took place in the US from 1945-1960?  Home,   Discuss the Cold War from 1945-1964. How did the conceptions of the Americans and the  Soviets shape the conflict? Discuss the Civil Rights Movement from the end of World War II- 1968. How did the movement  evolve from non-violence to Black Power?  The 1960’s was a decade of great turmoil. Discuss the evolution of politics and society in the  decade? Discuss the Cold War from 1964-1989. How did American ideas change over time from the first 
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Unformatted text preview: half of the Cold War? The 1970s were also years of great change. What problems did the nation face domestically and how did the government and society cope? The 1980s, rightly or wrongly, are described in the text as the age of Reagan. How were the 1980s different from the 1970s? policies, programs, and cultural changes associated with the decade...
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