CMCL C420 � Midterm Examination Review Sheet

CMCL C420 � Midterm Examination Review Sheet - CMCL...

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CMCL C420 – Midterm Examination Review Sheet What is the relationship between media (or technology) and social/historical change? o A preliminary model: “People make history, but under conditions not of their own making” (Karl Marx) We live in a world that is handed down to us You have some say in the course of your life – your actions have consequences Agency: capacity to act meaningfully and effect change Determinism: our thought conduct and expression is the outcome of forces or circumstances that lie beyond or outside of ourselves Sometimes obvious; but more often diffuse (blended/scattered) and complex Technological determinism: technologies are the primary movers of history and ultimately are what produce change in society Cultural determinism: people ultimately make media and technology, and that people therefore are the singular cause of social and historical change o Eitiology: The philosophy of causes – what causes something to occur ? o Causality: the nature of causes and effects The reasons why things occur more specifically, the quality or nature of those reasons Simple (“mechanistic”) causality There is no single framework that can fully account for change Complex causality (what we’re striving for in this class) Historiography o What is history? A practice of writing and representation A particular way of arranging facts about what occurred in the past Perspectival: something that comes from a certain perspective o What is historiography? The writing of history o Why use the term historiography instead of history? Because history is a process and a practice of representation and historiography is not perspectival o The historiography of technology (Winston) Technological determinism A (Great Man history) Focus on white Western men Lone inventor 1 invention usually Limitations: o Only white men o Technology is exclusive cause of change
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CMCL C420 � Midterm Examination Review Sheet - CMCL...

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