spc2608midterm review - M idterm Review 150 Total Points 48...

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Midterm Review 150 Total Points 48 Questions: 25 Multiple Choice – 3 points each 10 Matching – 3 points each 10 True/False – 3 points each 3 Short Answer – 5 points each This exam covers all chapters listed on your syllabus. Key concepts to know include: Nervousness and Anxiety – Understand the body’s response to nervousness, when you will be least/most nervous, who reports experiencing public speaking anxiety, and how to combat public speaking anxiety. Least nervous- when preparing your speech Most nervous- right before your speech 80% of the public reports public speaking anxiety. (men get more nervous than womem) To prepare- prepare well for your speech, know your audience, have an appropriate topic, know your intro and conclusion, use deep breathing and relaxation, think positive, use your message to help you, look for chances to speak, congratulate yourself afterward. Speech Structure – What are the main components of any speech? What is the difference between a general purpose and a specific purpose? What is a central
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idea? What are the different patterns of organization for speeches? What are effective strategies for introductions? Conclusions? What are signposts? Transitions? Previews (know the different types of preview)? Intro, Body, Conclusion 5 major patterns of organization- chronologically, topically spatially, causally, problem/solution Chronologically-organized by time, can be seen in historical and demonstrative speeches Topical- allows you to organize based on personal preference, principles or primacy and receny, enables you to establish common ground Causal- cause-effect or effect- cause Problem and Solution- problem –solution or solution-problem Spatial- arranging items according to location and direction General purpose- to inform, persuade, entertain Specific purpose- unique to your speech, identifies a behavioral objective Central Idea - similar to the thesis, in a complete sentence Sign Post- words and gestures that allow you to move smoothly from one idea to the
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spc2608midterm review - M idterm Review 150 Total Points 48...

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