mayoral essay - This was an election driven paper written...

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Rashel Izro 10/29/09 B-Band On November third 2009, people will be going to the polls to vote for their candidate for Mayor. Although I am not yet of age to join them, if I was it would be to re- elect Mayor Mike Bloomberg. The position of mayor is very important because the he would have 50% of the power allocated to New York Officials (the other half belonging to the City Council). Since 2001 he has served us as mayor and other than Mr. Bloomberg's eight years of experience and educational background, he has proven to upgrade conditions in New York City. Some other factors to this decision included endorsements, the in-class commercials and a relatively non-significant personal encounter. Moreover, although I am not 100% sure about every detail of his aims, I support him and his campaign; most importantly, the ideas for education, healthcare, and jobs. Although his main opponent, Bill Thompson, consistently reminds people of his middle-class roots; unlike Thompson, Bloomberg worked to bring himself out of it, on his own. That independence gives the impression that the incumbent mayor is in a far better place when it comes to relating to the residents of New York City. This attests to the fact that he can truly understand the struggle of a self-made man, to the experience of living in the city we love, where it is in fact hard to find your place, especially after the crash of the 1970’s and beyond. Mike went further to use his empathy in a forward movement. Two statements in his mini-autobiography that also played a crucial role were the following:   “Already deeply involved in New York civic affairs, Mike decided he could make an even bigger positive impact on the city by running for office and bringing his brand of independent leadership to City Hall” 1 ; and, “While many wondered about
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New York's future after the attacks of 9/11, Mayor Mike brought the forward-looking agenda, optimistic spirit, and independent leadership necessary to get New Yorkers through that uncertain time.” 2 These aspects of his personality ease the decision because
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mayoral essay - This was an election driven paper written...

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