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a poem2 - Awestruck horrified they watched still she...

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No one knew the plans laid. the air, heavy and cold as ice Faithless, proud, kind, she stood chained on the platform Before the world, in her glass cell, a goddess amongst lambs All held their tongue, releasing her to her prison, it was time she perform She stirred, preparing to save life and herself, Closing her eyes in the fear she would lose her form Silent winds blew through her ivory frame demanding her bosom birdsong Helios stopped the sun to watch this nymph beguile the perilous swarm Fire burned and blackened her skin and crimson hair. The people stared, cried, smiled None moved, none dared, as she feared, she had started to deform Losing her senses, losing her breath, the girl twisted and turned Inside her box a cloud started to form and transform
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Unformatted text preview: Awestruck, horrified, they watched still, she remained blind but omniscient Rain fell down from above but confined, a sensation chillingly warm It rained and hailed and whipped the cloth and ash on her body clean The final moment came when she was forced to stop, encased by her inner storm She had done her duty well, till the last breath ran out music played in their ears And, Pitying gods broke her darkened shell and all saw beauty beyond Aphrodite norm But she was lost to man and god alike, forever a stone, marble statue Blasphemous but free, Free to live, free to die, never again must she perform “Never a maiden more fair, of porcelain skin and flaxen hair”...
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