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Rashel Izro 12/15/09 HW 37 B Dalton Conley’s article “A Man's Right to Choose” can evidently be classified as either an opinion piece like an editorial. Albeit citing two court cases, Rode v. Wade and the Planned Parenthood v. Casey, he speaks mostly from personal experience and then describes his own view on the situation somewhat informally. His sarcastic tone throughout emphasized the point he was trying to get across about a man’s choice in a woman’s abortion. His sensible argument was that the husband/boyfriend or who ever fathered that fetus should definitely have a say in the fate of the future child. Plenty of men and women enter into the consensual sexual relationship and as adults are fully aware of possible consequences. Although there are far more “deadbeat dads” in this world, there are still men who actually want to make the commitment to raise a child on their own. I agree with this sentiment since the child is half theirs. The validation solidified further once there was the consideration for the mother’s condition. It is
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Unformatted text preview: inconvenient and often painful to bear through a pregnancy; however, the woman will suffer for no more than nine months while the man has agreed to take complete responsibility. The same statement could be said in the vice versa situation, if the woman agrees to have the child and rear it without soliciting any of his money or support, the man has no right to complain. Ergo, the Pennsylvania decision to rule that the spouse/partner must be in approval ought to be maintained but slightly changed. The significant other should be counseled and informed for the sake of chivalry but their opposing decision will not be binding unless there is noteworthy danger to the mother or an obvious case where the child, if born, will be abandoned. If the mother bears the child on her terms, she obligated to assure that all care will be handled by her; and the husband, if he chooses to keep the baby has to also guarantee that no alimony of sorts is taken....
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