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assignment 1 - 1 Black Models in Magazines Black Models in...

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Black Models in Teen Magazines and Social Comparison among Black Female Adolescents Jane Doe Communications Studies 241 Professor Trochim January 23, 2010 1
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In the article “Denying Diversity,” researcher Maya Poyan asserts that “[i]n the area of body image research, the variations among women’s experiences with the body and body representations as they are affected by racial identity have not been adequately investigated” (Poyan, 2002, p. 65). To agree with this assertion, it is true that in most media studies on body image, particularly those that suggest that high media exposure encourages poorer body image, “little attention has focused on the role of race” (Schooler et al., 2004, p.41). Schooler et al. (2004) offers that for the most part in past studies, “ethnicity typically was ignored or controlled for rather than investigated as a potentially significant variable” (p. 39). Indeed, these studies which have indicated a strong correlation between “frequent media use and greater body dissatisfaction” (Schooler et al., 2004) specifically in fact “looked only at mainstream media and
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