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Tricia Mittman Section 6 Communication Studies 211 Homework for Workshop 4 Operationalization In next week's workshop, we are going to be considering the relationship between conceptualization and validity. In preparation, we want you to…. 1. Think of up to four different dimensions that would be important to describe "college quality" (a good school to try to get admitted to) from one of the following perspectives: a high-school senior; a parent of a high-school senior; or a college administrator. List them here: Point of view: parent of a high-school senior Dimension 1: Low student-teacher ratio Dimension 2: Amount of office hours required per week per instructor Dimension 3: SAT/ACT scores and GPA needed to be admitted Dimension 4: Percentage of students graduating with a bachelors degree in 4 years 2. Now, rank order these dimensions from "most important" to "least important," and then assign each of them a weight. The weights you assign to the components should add to 1.0 (or 100%).
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HomeworkforWorkshop4 - Tricia Mittman Section 6...

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