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Tricia Mittman Communication Studies 211 Homework for Workshop 2 Conceptualization In this homework you are going to work on conceptualization. Answer the following questions about the concept your section agreed upon. What types of media are people getting their news from? (1) What does this concept mean to you? Do not use a dictionary definition. Describe the concept in your own words. With today’s modern technology, people can get their news from all types of media such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, television, radio, and news sites. The type of media a person uses to access news information greatly influences the types and content of the news they view. (2) Does this concept have more than one dimension?
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Unformatted text preview: If so, what do you think the dimensions are? If not, why not? I think this concept has only one dimension, the type of media people use to access news. However, within each type of media (print, television, internet), there are more and less reputable venues people can go through to access news (NY Times website vs. Perez Hilton blog, 60 Minutes vs. E! News , etc.) which also influence the news people are exposed to. (3) What range of attributes is associated with this concept? See figure 1-5 on page 15 of your textbook for examples of attributes. Attributes: Radio, TV, Blog sites, Newspapers, Magazines, Newspaper websites...
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