Trends notes - Trends notes HOW LEISURE TRENDS HAVE...

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Trends notes: HOW LEISURE TRENDS HAVE EVOLVED/DIED WITH RESPECT TO THE INTERNET Merchants of cool video: - teenagers see over 3000 advertisements a day, spend $1 billion annually - cool hunting: process of finding trendsetting individuals and picking their brains to find out what they think is cool, then find ways to market the new “cool” - paradox of cool hunting: it kills what it finds, once its widely considered ‘cool’ its not cool anymore - anti-marketing marketing: not letting your marketing show - feedback loop: the media finds expressions of people and portray them to a greater extent, then people see this and emulate more aggressively Mark s. littman Bernan press. Lanham, MD. 1998 -1985: avg. amount of free time/week: MEN: 40 hours, WOMEN: 39 hours -avg. amount of free time spent watching TV: 40 percent -2005: 35.5 hours/week. 50% of time spent watching TV -1965: leisure time was spent in civic duties such as working for a political party, attending religious services, membership in unions and PTAs - membership has steadily declined since 1980s, as has socializing and church attendance - replaced with TV watching and internet usage - Americans spend about 3 hours per day watching TV or online - author believes there is a causal relationship between declining civic association and
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Trends notes - Trends notes HOW LEISURE TRENDS HAVE...

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