Weegee - Weegee 25/10/201011:35:00 -freelance journalist...

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Weegee 25/10/2010 11:35:00 -freelance journalist who made his living selling pictures of urban catastrophes like murders, fires, and car accidents to tabloid newspapers - In 1945 published Naked City “to you the people of new York” - central cast of characters includes tenement dwellers fleeing blazing buildings and gawking at murder victims lying in the street - Naked City depicts a city of desperation and destitution cut through with scenes of joy and humor - criminal suspects being handcuffed by police, bloody corpses lying in the street, lonely men and women wandering the dark sidewalks…. A young girl swooning at Frank Sinatra, couples kissing in the backs of movie theaters, tenement children splashing in the spray of an open fire hydrant) - Naked City employs and dismantle many of the central protocols of canonical documentary and journalistic photography -through a unique hybrid aesthetic that blends documentary and tabloid conventions - Weegee simultaneously records the urban scene and exposes the privileges and pretensions prevalent in traditional documentary practice - critics have often placed Weegee within the documentary canon - his late night flash and infrared photographs of people sleeping on park benches and fire escapes recall the work of Jacob Riis -like Riis, Weegee often captures his subjects unaware, exposing their private, intimate acts for public scrutiny -his images of suspended criminals going into the police station… “a shadow archive” of deviant “types” -naked city also draws on the –visual rhetoric of the 1930s fsa documentary which
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Weegee - Weegee 25/10/201011:35:00 -freelance journalist...

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