paper 3 notes - Does this text seem to e endorsing...

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Does this text seem to e endorsing hegemonic masculinity? Is hegemonic masculinity ever rejected? Is more than one masculinity presented? Are stereotypes of men used? What about scripts related to men? What are the implications of these representations? Lecture: -masculinity: what a culture expects from men -hegemonic masculinity: the normative idea of male behavior (society encourages this) - tough - ambitious - strong, muscular - self reliant - aggressive - stoic - emphasis on strength, muscles, withstanding torture and pain - heterosexual & possess power over women - punish men that don’t fit that standard masculinities: diff versions of manhood available - Justin beiber - 1980s sensitive new age guy - 1990s rise in gay visibility, increasing acceptance of gays, rise of metrosexual - variety of masculinities are socially constructed & represented in media - masculinity intersects/interacts with notions of femininity, race, and heteronormality -intersectionality: idea of looking at identity thru multiple axes of identity (race, gender, class) -begins with rock music - one man putting a gun in another mans mouth - narrator is talking about a big explosion about to happen - cuts to a testicular cancer group with men crying because they lost their balls, horrific experience - Bob talks about how testicular cancer ruined his marriage, professional life, and
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paper 3 notes - Does this text seem to e endorsing...

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