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Handout#3 - Punishment Sripada Phil 156 Punishment inflicts pain on a person and thus appears to be wrong. What, then, is the moral justification for punishment? All the authors in the punishment section seek to answer this question. There are three important positions you need to know. These positions represent distinct answers to two questions: What is the purpose of punishment? maximizing happiness redressing the balance of well-being and well-doing. What justifies punishment? the fact that it maximizes happiness the fact that wrongdoers deserve it Core Principles Derived Principles Why should you punish? What is punishment’s purpose? Who should you punish? What justifies punishing one peson over another? Who shouldn’t be punished? How much punishment is appropriate? Teleological Punishment is only instrumentally valuable in so far as it promotes some other end, such as deterrence, reform, general welfare Punish anyone so long as deterrence, reform or the general
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Handout_3+-+Punishment - Handout#3 - Punishment Sripada...

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