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Handout#4 – The Trolley Problem Sripada, Phil 156 Trolley Driver – you are driver of a runaway trolley and can save five by steering your trolley away from the track on which there are five workmen to the track on which there is one workman. Transplant – You are great surgeon and can save five by dismembering one and using his organs “The trolley problem” – why do our judgments differ in Driver of Trolley versus Transplant Philippa Foot’s hypothesis: The difference between Trolley Driver and Transplant is due to the moral distinction between doing versus allowing : (I) (Doing) the killing one is worse than allowing five to die (II)(Doing) the killing of five is worse than (doing) the killing of one How does Thompson challenge Foot’s hypothesis? She presents the case of Bystander . In this case, you are not the driver of the trolley, but rather a bystander at the switch who can pull a lever. If you do nothing, you will not (actively) kill the one. In Bystander, you have to actively do something to kill the one, and yet this is better than
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Handout_4+-+The+Trolley+Problem - Handout#4 The Trolley...

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